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trumpet player & composer in New York and the former New Orleans resident, US. Originaly from Miyagi, Japan.






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Memory of Hurricane~ Evacuation @ Mr.Patrick's house in Vicksburg, Mississippi~08/28/05~09/15/05


It was taken from Mr.Patrick's house where me & Mari Watanabe & Maya evacuated, mountain side of Vicksburg, Mississippi right before the Hurricane hit. We evacuated to there one day before the hit. We went to the shelter first, and then Mr. Patrick came to there for picking us up. We moved to his house that night. There was almost no light, I didn't know what was going on there. Then surprised about the location next morning. There are horses, beautiful birds and beautiful nature. Thanks, Mr.Patrick!!


I think it was taken during the Hurricane storm. You can see water on the window. I wished I could visit there for vacation. But that was the evacuation....First, we didn't have electricity for over a week and no gas for four days too. Addition to that, almost no signal for my cell phone for almost a week. Mr. Patrick started using the generator of the bus. Then we finaly could wacth the news and found the disaster in New Orleans. I shocked a loooot!!
Maya Lewis & Mari Watanabe. Me & Maya did Karate, Taichi and musical thing together almost everyday at that time. That was fun. She is my best friend there. Thanks Maya!!

After I found I have to look for other school to transfer to keep my visa status, I was calling over 30 schools all over U.S. and E-mail friends to ask about it. Since then, I went to public library almost everyday to use their computer. But there were too many evacuee from New Orleans and Mississippi waiting to use it. We have to stop using it every 30 minutes and make a line again. I was praying every day. I didn't want to waiste time in there and do nothing for a couple of month until New Orleans come back.
by satorun0084 | 2005-12-12 07:40