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trumpet player & composer in New York and the former New Orleans resident, US. Originaly from Miyagi, Japan.






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Memory of Hurricane~New York Times & Juilliard~


That was the photo session for New York Times @ Jackson Airport, Mississippi on 09/15/05. I got a interview from Mr. Dan Wakin from New York Times about Hurricane & Juilliard thing over the phone. The interview was happening on the way to Jackson airport. I was in the Mari's car which Mr. Roger Lewis was driving toward to Jackson from Vicksburg. Roger & Mari went to buy kennel for their dog and I asked them to drop me off at airport. While waiting for thier shopping, I noticed somebody left a message to my cell phone with wierd # and that was from Dan. He imideately sent a photographer to the airport after my interview.

I got a fortune cookie in the air plane and said "This is your day make a difference." I was like "Unbelievable!!" I'm keeping it in my wallet.

Lincoln Center Plaza

I got the Laguadia airport on 09/16/05 after midnight. Airplane was delayed because of stormy weather. I stayed in my friend's house in Queens. I went to Juilliard next day. This picture is Lincoln Center Plaza. Please scroll down and check my other pics on July 2005. I was there to perform for the event, Mid-summer Night Swing with New Orleans Nightcrawlers Brass Band. I NEVER EVER thought that I have to come back to the same place that soon!!! Now I'm staying in Juilliard's dorm. I can see where I performed in July from my room. Life is funny.

Me & Victor Goines @ backstage of Rose Hall Theater, Jazz@Lincoln Center

Another funny thing happened on Saturday. I supposed to hang out with my old friends from Boston. I saw one familier face at where me & my friends met. "I know he is from New Orleans!!" He brought his guitar and amp for letting Detroit Brooks, who is guitar player of Preservation Hall Jazz Band and lost his guitar during the Hurricane, use them for the show tonight. I helped to bring his equipment to the show. That was Katrina Benefit Event in Jazz@Lincoln Center. I was in the side of the stage and was watching the whole show. I saw so many famous musicians and movie acters. I surprised when I introduced myself to some of them and then they knows me already. My New York Times article was on the paper in that morning.

This is the picture me & Mr.Victor Goines from Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Juilliard Jazz. He is the one picked me up from the chaos.

By the way, here is the New York Times article came out that morning.

Voices From the Storm
Far From Home, He Hit Just the Right Note

Published: September 17, 2005

The telephone receiver lay on a desk. A 7-year-old girl, daughter of the pianist, twirled about. Satoru Ohashi was playing his horn: Several choruses of "Struttin' With Some Barbecue." Then a ballad, "I Can't Get Started." Finally, some chord changes from "I Got Rhythm."


(Picture here)

Kate Medley for The New York Times

Satoru Ohashi of New Orleans will attend the Juilliard School.
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Hurricane Katrina


He got the gig.

The gig is in New York, where Mr. Ohashi arrived yesterday morning, ending his journey from New Orleans jazz trumpeter to graduate student at the Juilliard Institute for Jazz Studies.

Listening on the other end of that telephone line last Sunday was Victor L. Goines, the program's artistic director and New Orleans native, who for obvious reasons was auditioning Mr. Ohashi at long distance. The next day, the trumpeter got the word: he was accepted into the institute's tuition-free professional training program.

"I totally kind of lost my mind or something," said Mr. Ohashi, 34. "I was like, 'Wow, wow!' I never dreamed this kind of thing would happen."

Mr. Ohashi's trip began with his evacuation the day before Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, but the odyssey really started in his native Japan. While studying Japanese literature at Hosei University in the early 1990's, he took up jazz seriously and blossomed, playing in a semiprofessional student orchestra with some success. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston from 1997 to 2001, and took himself to New Orleans to practice his craft.

There, he sat in with bands and jazz orchestras and won a position, which was to start this month, with the Louis Armstrong Jazz Quintet, a graduate program at the University of New Orleans. With the hurricane's approach, he fled with a jazz pianist friend, Mari Watanabe, and her 7-year-old daughter, Maya, driving to the home of an acquaintance in Vicksburg, Miss.

"I didn't pack anything, just my ax - my trumpet - and my passport and a sleeping bag," he said.

His ax is a Bach Stradivarius, and he also took a vintage 1964 instrument. But two other trumpets, a piccolo trumpet, a flugelhorn, a borrowed sousaphone, thousands of CD's, photographs and videotapes remained at his New Orleans home, in the Mid-City section, their fate uncertain.

A faculty member at the University of New Orleans who is a former colleague of Mr. Goines alerted Mr. Ohashi to a trumpet opening at Juilliard, which led to the audition at the Vicksburg house, with dancing by Maya.

"That was an audition that was not too fierce," Mr. Ohashi said. "It was a very happy atmosphere."

Mr. Ohashi said his chops were weak after the enforced layoff. He also forgot to bring valve oil.

"My horn got stuck," he said. "I had to look for a music store in Vicksburg. Fortunately I found one.

"So I am lucky."

by satorun0084 | 2005-12-15 07:09